To generate a good structure of your portal Georiviere, firstly you need to configurate in admin portals, map base layers, layers and groups.


Fields :

  • Name

  • Web site

  • Title

  • Description

  • Main color

  • Min zoom on the map of your portal

  • Max zoom on the map of your portal

  • Spatial extent of your portal

Map Base Layers

Map base layers are linked with one unique portal

  • Label

  • Url

  • Min zoom of this map base layer

  • Max zoom of this map base layer

  • Attribution

  • Portal

  • Order


Layers are generated for each type of element you could add on your portal web site :

  • Contributions

  • Sensitivity

  • Districts

  • Cities

  • POIs (each category has it layer)

  • Streams

  • Watersheds

Firstly, you need to create your portal before accessing layers. Then, you will be able to add them in a group of layer, change its labels…

If you create a new category of poi, a new layer is generated.

The fields of layers are :

  • Label

  • Group

  • Active by default

  • Style

  • Order

  • Hidden

Style can be changed following the documentation of leaflet, for example: {“fillColor”: “#d4b485”}


When a layer is hidden, the layer is not used in the portal.

The label is used in the portal and will be shown it.


You can create as many group as you need and can add layers in the group.

When a layer is not assigned to a group, the layer is groupped in a default group.

The fields of groups are :

  • Label

  • Order

It’s better to create everything in this order :

  • Create your portal

  • Create your base layers

  • Create the groups

  • Modify the generated layers